Saturday, April 21, 2012

on the street where you live

I was happy to be part of a boat turning today, just down the street at my friend Jim's house.  That is Jim at the right in the photo above.  We were turning over his Navigator hull.  The Welsford-designed yawl, Jim tells me, was turned over exactly five years after he started building the ladder frame.  Life, sometimes, gets in the way.  But he has done a beautiful job.  I can't wait to sail alongside her on the Elizabeth River.

Above you see Jim, again at the right, along with his son Tom and our other friend Jim (the mechanical Jim, who just rebuilt my Nissan outboard's water pump).

And there I am, left, not my best side, along with Tom looking for the source of a loud "crack" that had us all concerned as we set the hull down inverted on the ladder frame.  The source of the loud noise, which caused Jim to make a louder noise, was never discovered.  All frames and planks remained in excellent shape.  

A beautiful boat in the making.  Nice work, Jim.



my2fish said...

that looks like it is going to be a really nice boat.

steve said...

Every time I see a navigator being built I think 'awesome boat'

That's a nice looking boat. when you see Jim next say well done to him for me - one navigator owner to another. I look forward to when he gets her on the water and perhaps he will permit me to do a report about his launch on Arwens blog.

And talking of on the water - have fun and good luck on forth coming trip. I'm about to start the long term planning for my summer holiday aspirations. I'm thinking Salcombe - Dartmouth - Brixham -Torquay as one trip; and then Fowey - to Falmouth as the other. And there isn't forgetting my trip with my Dad up the river Tamar!

Good luck steve and say well done to your friend Jim - cracking looking hull - no pun intended

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