Friday, April 27, 2012

some numbers

A friend said I had a bad forecast for the walkabout, which starts tomorrow.  Maybe we were looking at different forecasts, maybe we were looking at the same forecast.  Maybe he saw a 20% chance of rain, and I saw an 80% chance of no rain.  We'll see.

This trip on the bay is a little earlier than usual so I checked the fishing regulations.  We are in the spring "trophy" season for stripers.  That means the minimum size for keeping stripers is 28 inches.  That is a big fish.  Catching too big or too many fish has never been a problem for me.  I'll settle for some nice tailor bluefish.

I do hope to visit Cod Harbor, above, at Tangier Island.  Winds look good.  I hope to be on the road by 6 a.m. tomorrow.



Baydog said...

Sail on Sailor.

Darwin said...

Enjoy Steve! We hope the stories, here in the South are becoming cold and without Sun, so it does well to the soul read on sunny days!Best regards.
Darwin - Uruguay

Bill said...

Steve - checking your Spot page. I see you found yourself a nice cozy little cove off the northeast corner of the Martin National Wildlife Refuge. That is very cool technology - here I am, sitting at my desk in Short Pump, seeing where you are out there up in the Bay. Today was pretty dreary, cold and wet around here - I'm hoping it wasn't quite so miserable for you out there. All the same, I am to an extent thinking how very cool it would be to be out there having that adventure even with this weather.