Monday, April 23, 2012

wishful thinking....

that this forecast will hold and I'll launch under a nice high pressure system.

Even if it does, that low pressure system to the south will come my way.  That's fine, I'll take it.

Heading to North Carolina tomorrow, visiting some of my favorite places - Oriental and Hobucken - but by car instead of on the water.



Canoe Sailor said...

Hope you have a great cruise! Please say Hi to Shawn for me!

Steve said...

Will do. There is no better friend to small boats in NC than Shawn.


"Wie sturen kan, zeilt bij elke wind" said...

Looking from a distance, wishing you a great trip.

jim said...

Have a good trip.

I am sailing Friday untill Tuesday myself in my small boat.. regards jim

Steve said...

Thanks, Rik and Jim. A couple of more days of work and I'll be off. I'll post my tracking page on Thursday.