Saturday, April 7, 2012

seasons changing

I saw four snowbirds on the Elizabeth River today, boats heading north after a winter in the south.  There were three at anchor on Crawford Bay and a fine looking black-hulled ketch motoring towards the James.

I listened to baseball on the radio today, the Mets against the Braves.  And I watched a high school baseball game the other evening.  I enjoyed more the high school game more than the pro version.  The high schoolers did not have the urge to step out of box after every pitch, scratch, spit and adjust their gloves.  A fast moving baseball game is a good game.

I put in my order for 20 pounds of live crawfish from Louisiana Crawfish Company for 20 pounds of selects.  They won't be delivered until the morning of our late May crawfish boil, but I wanted to get the order in now to make sure I got the slightly larger "selects" versus the average "field run" mudbugs.

The seasons are changing.  I will be more convinced of this if this cold north wind ever stops blowing.  Outside just a few minutes ago it seemed a little warmer.  Maybe the winds will fall off, as predicted, and the temperatures will go up by tomorrow.  If so, it could be a very nice day on the water.

Above is the new attachments for the anchor bucket, anchor, mushroom anchor and gas can.  The bucket, anchors and gas can are all connected to the to piece of line, which wraps around the mast.  Just the lower part of the anchor bucket is connected to the lower piece of line, keeping the bucket from tipping over or sliding around.  A small, but worthwhile change on Spartina.

Between boat work, baseball and crawfish I also picked up a resupply of 10-year-old Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky, something I was introduced to by my friend Webb.  Thanks, Webb, for the introduction.


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Bill said...

I'm down on Hilton Head Island for a quick three-day trip with my wife and kids. Today would have been a fantastic sailing day. The weather was gorgeous - sunny, totally clear, nice and warm, low humidity - and quite a nice breeze.

We sat on the beach for a couple hours - I kept looking out at the water and the dolphins swimming by and thinking how cool it would be to be out there on a schooner.

We'll be doing a guided kayak tour of Broad Creek on the island tomorrow.