Sunday, April 22, 2012

organization, later rather than sooner

It has been raining steadily all day long.  Not a day to go sailing, but an excellent day to get ready for a trip.  I've been sorting through the gear and food, checking batteries and sending a SPOT test.  I think I'm in pretty good shape for the trip.

Above are my two bins.  If you could see the lid of the one at left you would see that it is labeled lights, candles, notebooks - though I don't think there are any candles in there right now.  I carry my reading books, logbooks and a few other odds and ends in there.  The SPOT just for transportation purposes.  The bin at the right is labeled cook kit.  You can see the nice cooking set which Bruce bought for Spartina, a filet knife, olive oil, pepper and a few utensils.  Out of sight are some seasonings, hot sauce, sponge and camp suds for dish washing.

There is the sleeping gear - bivy, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and inflatable pillow.  My friend Kristen told me about the Exped Air pillow, which is the nicest camp pillow I have ever used.  The only problem with it, she says, is that it is so small when deflated that it could easily be lost.  It is tiny.

The smaller of the yellow waterproof duffels contains my hypothermia kit.  The larger duffel contains clothes and, for the moment, a few other items.  If Bruce were coming along on the trip I would have both the clothes and hypothermia kit in the larger bag.  Since I am going solo I'll use two duffels and enjoy the extra space.

The boat is a mess.  I'm setting things in there now just so I don't forget them.  It will probably be Thursday morning before I take all the gear and set it out on the garage floor for an equipment check, what Bruce calls junk on the bunk.  Then Friday night I will pack up.

I inadvertently saw a weather forecast for next weekend when exploring my new Intellicast app on my ipad.  I was expecting a three day forecast and was surprised to see a seven day forecast which included the first two days of my trip.  Sunny, temperatures in the 60's and winds in the low-teens.  Perfect.  But that is a long range forecast.  I won't take anything too seriously until later in the week.


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