Thursday, April 26, 2012

the garage, the tee shirt

I have gotten permission, though not in writing, to use the wife's side of the garage. I am using the space to spread out the gear and food for the trip.  It will be there until tomorrow evening when I pack the boat and the jeep.

Everything - including, but not limited to, water, sleeping bag, fish cleaning board, chart, griddle, hypothermia kit, safety line, propane tanks (2), shop towels, radio, fuel can, boom tent - is set out in position relative to where it will go on Spartina.  The only exception in the photo above is for the fishing poles.  They are located now at what would be the bow (leaning against the saw horses), but that is because they would be in the way if there were put at the foot of the photograph, which would be the stern.

You can see a pretty close layout of items in the drawing I made a few years it ago.  There have been some changes, but it still serves as a good basis for packing.

One new item on board is my new bright chartreuse ACR ResQLink+ personal locator beacon.  I will use my SPOT of course, for tracking, assistance and emergency use.  This plb, which sends out emergency signals and locations, when activated, to to a worldwide set of search and rescue satellites.

I had been wanting to purchase one of these new generation epirbs for the fall trip which will include Delaware Bay and the atlantic ocean.  Why not buy now and use it for this trip and the spring trip in North Carolina?  Safety is one area I don't mind spending a few extra dollars on.

Speaking of chartreuse items, here is a tee shirt I picked up in Hobucken on Goose Creek Island when I saw my friend Shawn yesterday.  It was good to see Shawn, good to see that Pate Boat Yard is getting back in shape after the storm.  I'll be down there mid-June for a cruise and will put in at Shawn's place. I was not on Goose Creek Island for the Hurricane Irene.  But I was across Pamlico Sound on Hatteras Island for the storm - so I believe I qualify to wear the shirt, and will do so proudly. 


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