Friday, April 20, 2012

fishing license, tail lights, waypoints, food, etc

It just occurred to me this morning, as I realized I'll be out of town a few days next week, how much I have to do to get ready for the walkabout.  I have just now started hauling gear, food bins and notebooks out of the equipment closet.  It is in a pile in the living room.  
The purple tub is where I put my food supplies as I buy the various items late winter and early spring.  I'm not even sure what is in there, but I suspect I'll find a decent supply of the basic foods.  The green tub is for the cruising gear.  I'll need to get out my Everglades Challenge required equipment list and sort through all that.

I bought a new set of led tail lights at walmart this morning.  The old lights are down to just one or two bulbs still glowing.  I paid $50, and added a few dollars on top of that for the 1 year replacement warranty as tail lights never seem to last.

I need to renew my fishing license, check out the stove, sort the food and start packing the boat.  And I ought to review my waypoints - I'm not sure I marked some of the smaller islands - Adams Island, Spring Island and Holland Island - that I hope to explore.

It will be a busy weekend, but kind of fun.



TubaTim said...

Seems like a lot do, but sounds worth it. Have fun.

Bill said...

Vicariously, I sail.