Sunday, June 24, 2018


A pleasant ending to SPARTINA'S week on the river today.  I think I got in five or six morning and evening sails this week, including Father's Day and the summer solstice.  A great time on the water.

Saw Steffan and Jo from RADIANT SPIRIT, Steffan joining me for a short sail.  When Jo came to pick him up in the dinghy we held the two boats together and sailed surprisingly well under SPARTINA'S main, dinghy and yawl side by side.

Also met Glen, a cruiser from down south, friends with Michael and Sheila from KANATALA.  It was nice to meet him and share stories of our mutual friends.  I was glad to report that KANTALA made it to the Azores a few days ago.

Got a different view of my favorite tall ships, the VIRGINA, above and the AMERICAN ROVER, below.  Much appreciation goes to the ROVER as I was a guest of the tall ship at the marina all week.

A nice breeze, comfortable temperature and a sky much bluer than can be expected in late June.  A fine day on the river to end a fine week on the river.

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