Thursday, June 17, 2010

packing up

We spent the day picking up fresh food, packing, checking batteries and going over plans. We'll load up the jeep in a little while.

I was looking through my notes and found my first rough draft of a sailing planning dated early December. That makes it six months to get where we are - ready to head south. Below is the updated map. But the course could change during the trip.

I heard from Dawn, she and Paul are in the thick of packing. I think they are finding out a nice vacation cruise involves more gear and supplies than a kayak race. I mean how much gear can you stow in a kayak? But I do hope they will find it is a lot of fun just to get out on the water and relax. We should meet up around 9 or so at Potters Marine off of the Pamlico River.

The tracking links are down in the post below. See you later.


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S R Wood said...

Fair winds, Steve and Bruce!