Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the prodigal sailor

I'm receiving a steady stream of SPOT "OK" messages from a river somewhere in northwest Colorado. That is Bruce, of course off, on his latest adventure. It appears he is on the Yampa River in the Dinosaur National Monument. As his message says......

Having fun, everything is fine. Great Photography. Check out my location.

Last I heard Bruce will get back to his home in San Diego for a couple of nights rest before catching a flight back here for the cruise. We've got our plans pretty well set. We spent about an hour on the phone before he left on his current trip, with google earth open on our laptops, going over the route. Lots of questions about rivers, sounds, canals and anchorages. This will be my fourth trip sailing in the area and Bruce is familiar with it too from the both the Skeeter Beater and our 07 Cedar Island/Beaufort trip.
It looks like SandyBottom and Dances with SandyBottom are busy too with training and packing and getting Dawn Patrol ready for the trip. This will be a great opportunity to talk with them about equipment and techniques for traveling on the water. The more I talk with Paul and Dawn (by email) the more I like the idea of this tag team sail. It's gonna be fun.

Above is a photo from my weekend walkabout. That trip seems like it was months ago, but it was only just four weeks ago. Time flies.

Weather should be nice this weekend but I won't be out sailing. I'll start the packing, clean the boat and check gear. Plus I've got to update my SPOT messages, get a fishing license and take care of all those other little details that creep up on you. I've got my sat photos and list of cruise information printed out, need to run up to kinko's and have them laminated.
Once Bruce arrives we'll have a day to buy the fresh food (I'll leave that to Bruce as he does the cooking), do the junk on the bunk by laying out all our gear on the garage floor and then pack everything up. We'll off before dawn the next morning.
This trip is coming up really fast and I can't wait to go.


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