Saturday, April 16, 2011

the alpha and omega

A nice card and brochure arrived in the mail from Sandy at Rolph's Wharf, the destination for our spring sail up Chesapeake Bay.  She noted our reservation for a room at the River Inn and a slip at Rolph's Wharf Marina.  

The brochure had details about the inn and marina, built around an 1830's Victorian farm house on the Chester River.  All rooms with private baths and air conditioned, plus a breakfast with home baked bread and fresh squeezed orange juice.  And don't forget the Sandbar, an open bar down on the beach.  I know where we'll be in the afternoon.  Rolph's Wharf sounds like a nice place to relax after a couple hundred miles sailing up the bay.

As for the start of the trip, I called the dockmaster at Onancock Wharf.  Launching is $5.00 and we can leave our vehicle and trailer there, just let them know how long we'll be gone so they don't get worried about us (why does that sound familiar??).

So I think we are set for the beginning and end of Bay trip.  A few more details to work out but we still have plenty of time.  Then we have to find out what happens in between.


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