Thursday, April 21, 2011

the walkabout / dreams

Shawn down at Pate Boatyard tells me he has room for me to come down and launch out of his place for the five day walkabout.  That's in a little over a week from now, I can't wait. That is Spartina headed down the tree-lined canal from the boatyard to Jones Bay.  I don't know what the weather forecast is, probably won't look until Monday.

I did ask Shawn about fishing, here is what he told me....

"there are some smallish croaker and spot running around right now...might see some flounder if the wind is right, or could even get into some redfish if you're close to the banks..."

I think I'll be chasing the redfish along the marsh.  I know it is early in the season, but I'll give it a shot.

Above is the first day's sail from Hobucken to somewhere around Maw Point.  In light blue is my track from last October.  The red and the white lines are alternate ways of getting to the same place.  The red shows the path going down Jones Bay to Ditch Creek and Dump Creek out onto the Bay River.  White shows the path heading up Jones Bay to the ICW, then down Gale Creek and the Bay River.  This is what I love about the Carolina waters, lots of different passages, bay, canals and creeks that give me a lot of different ways to get the same place.  Which way will I go?  I probably won't decide that until I cast off from the dock.

There is Shawn in his custom made trimaran seeing me off on the last trip.  Shawn, I'll look forward to seeing you in about a week.

It seems like I have spent half the winter dreaming about sailing.  For a nice journal entry about having dreams and then living those dreams, take a look at the latest post from Webb Chiles.


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