Tuesday, April 26, 2011

out there

If you are dreaming of being "out there", with white sandy beaches, green marsh grasses and blue skies then you ought to check out Kiwibird's post about the trip she and Dave made this past weekend.  Nice photo by Dave, aka Floatsome, below.

The beaches on Pamlico Sound, from my limited experience, are few and far between.  But the one above, on Beard Island along the south shore of the Pamlico River, looks just beautiful.  On the track below it would be at spot "41".

I had been planning to head north to Middle Bay or so, but this has got me thinking about going further north to the Pamlico River.  We'll see.



Bill said...

So is it legal to just pull up on a beach somewhere, plop down your tent and camp out for the night there?

I've been wondering that about the Chesapeake as well. I mean, if it's obviously someone's private property (like there's a big house right there), then obviously you would need to get their permission. But I'm thinking of some of the little spits of land that stick out with nothing on them, no sign of human habitation anywhere. I've long wondered what would be the potential for an "issue" if you pulled up there, set up a tent and spent the night before quietly slipping away the next morning. As long as you don't make a big, smoky camp fire or burn all the grasses down, of course.

Steve said...

I don't really know. A lot of the marshes and shores along Pamlico Sound are marked "no trespassing", either private property or government. But some is not marked at all. I don't know the rules, but have no doubts that Dave and Kristen abided by the law.


Floatsome said...

I've camped at this beach three times now. It's in one of the sections of the Goose Creek Waterfowl Impoundment. In theory, a permit might be required on weekends during duck season (10/6-9, 11/13-12/4 and 12/28-1/29), but since we're not hunting, it seems unlikely to apply. On Friday, we had a small plane fly over and turn right above us, which may have been someone checking to see what we were up to. Nothing came of it.

In general, there are lots of places along the rivers and sounds where no one minds conscientious campers. I've never had an issue camping out of sight of habitation on land that isn't posted.