Monday, April 11, 2011


I wanted to put together my waypoints for the walkabout in North Carolina and found it was so quick and easy that I also did the waypoints for the Chesapeake Bay trip too.

 It was easy because I found waypoints from past trips stored in my Garmin Roadtrip software files.  I simply had to add a handful of extra markers - Core Sound points for NC,  and the Onancock, Watts Island and Chestertown for Chesapeake Bay.

Roadtrip has a very basic US Basemap v2 map, a very rough map at best - it is really designed for planning highway trips.  But it is close enough that I can mark a waypoint then adjust latitude and longitude using a paper chart and inputting the information under the "advanced" tab on the new waypoint.  Not as simple as simple as Garmin's BlueCharts (which I don't have), but hey, it works.

I'll export the NC waypoints on to my gps tomorrow.


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