Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Onancock to Chestertown

Back to working on the plan for the spring trip on Chesapeake Bay.  We'll start at Onancock, finish I think at Chestertown (though still doing some research on that).

Stops would include....
  • Watts Island
  • Deal Island (after a lunch stop at Smith Island)
  • Whitehaven (steamed crabs for dinner at the Red Roost)
  • Honga River
  • Little Choptank River
  • Choptank River (with a visit to Oxford for resupply and a burger at Schooner's)
  • Eastern Neck Island or Queenstown (after a crab cake at Kent Narrows)
  • Chester River
  • Chestertown
I've got some call and emails out to marinas, car rental spots, etc to work out the details.



Anonymous said...

Is that a cruise or a restaurant tour?

Steve said...



Bill said...

It's not an either-or proposition. ;-)