Friday, September 20, 2013

a preview

Predawn tomorrow I'll have Spartina in tow on the way to Elizabeth City.  By chance I had to go there today for work.  I dropped by to see my friend Millie who will be helping me as I set off.  Her dock, below, is about a mile from the ramp.  I'll rig, launch head to the dock.  Millie will meet me there, give me a ride back to retrieve the jeep and trailer, which I will leave at here place.

The weather looks good for the start on the trip.  If the forecast holds, we'll be heading into the wind down the Pasquotank River and cross Albemarle Sound to the Alligator River.  That is my goal for the first day - reach the Alligator River.  The following day, as a front rolls through, the wind wing swing to the north and stay there for a couple of days, pushing me down the ICW towards Beaufort and Cape Lookout.

I plan to make a few stops during the cruise, but not too many.  Hobucken, to see Shawn and pick up a cold drink, Beaufort for laundry and food supplies, Atlantic for a shrimp burger, possibly Ocracoke (if the weather works for that) and Manteo on Roanoke Island.

As I said, I had to go to Elizabeth City for work today, but somehow forgot to go back to the office this afternoon.  The gear is going on Spartina and into the jeep, the batteries being charged and checked, all in a leisurely fashion.  It feels good to be on vacation.



Tim said...

The view of the dock looks so nice.

Canoe Sailor said...

Where do you stop in Atlantic? I did not know a good Shrimp burger was available there!

Steve said...

Can't remember the name, it is a restaurant at the ferry concession.