Wednesday, July 16, 2014

at the end of a long driveway

Take the bay bridge tunnel, north on 13 up the eastern shore, miss the turn and go farther up to a place that has a name like it's a town but has only a gas station and a few houses, take the side road west and then south, backtracking until I find the right road, the number on the road changing twice where it doesn't match the map, then another road and another where I finally see an address, then back a long driveway, I'm talking a couple miles long, past a farm field and through the trees, past the "no trespassing sign" and into thicker woods where the pine needle-cover sand path winds more until finally there's the hint of a house around the corner.  And beyond the house a creek and a pier.

It has been too long since I've been to the eastern shore.


Baydog said...

Looks like paradise to me........

Steve said...

I tell you, Dave, you could explore the eastern shore for years and not see it all. I'm happy for a nice glimpse, like this one, now and then.