Saturday, July 12, 2014

crossing the line

In the next day or so Webb Chiles should be crossing the equator.  His yellow brick track shows his last mark at a little over two degrees above the line.  The internet (and blog reader Michael - who also follows Webb's track and also corrected my spelling of Samoa, thanks Michael) tell me that one degree of latitude equals 69 miles and Webb often covers 100 miles in a day.  

Below is GANNET'S track, showing Webb about half way from Hawaii to Samoa (the red "x" show the approximate location).

I'm in San Diego for a few days to take care of some family business.  San Diego is a beautiful place to visit - great weather and wonderful scenery.  It is not quite the same for me on this visit for a couple of reasons, one of those reasons being that for the past couple of years I could drive down to Quivira Basin in the evenings and relax on a little grey-hulled sailboat - GANNET - sometimes by myself or sometimes while sharing a glass of wine or toast of Laphroaig with Webb if he was in town.  

I may take a walk over by the basin this evening and look out over the slips to where Webb's boat was tied up.  I'm sure I'll find some good memories there.

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