Thursday, July 31, 2014

inlets, shallow water and trail mix

Summer, a very pleasant one at that, is moving along quicker than expected.  Just about five weeks before the next sail.  I've started looking at charts, waypoints and google earth.  If the wind is right for sailing the seaside of eastern shore, it will make for some interesting navigation.  Above is a photograph I shot out of a not-too-clean airplane window while flying back from Boston a couple of weeks ago.  It shows Quinby Inlet, which is just south of Wachapreague Inlet, where I plan to come in off the ocean.  The waterway is typical of the eastern shore - narrow winding channels.  Beautiful, but also confusing when seen from water level.  And all that open water at the bottom of the photograph, much of it is a foot or less deep.

I have most of my breakfasts (granola bars), lunches (tuna salad and crackers) and dinners (freeze-dried camp meals) in hand.  When at the store these days I grab a little something extra, in this case, raw almonds and pumpkin seeds, for the home-made trail mix.  

I need to start sorting through the batteries, rechargeable and otherwise, update the SPOT message and do a ton of other little things to be ready.

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