Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a few photographs


EyeInHand said...

Wonderful photos Steve.

Anonymous said...

Agree with EyeInHand; best website to see magazine quality scenic photos.

Still trying to get to Belhaven, but medical appointments get in the way.

Looking forward to your next excursion diary.

Baydog said...

Another amazing journey!

Steve said...

Thanks, guys. It was a fun trip. A lot of credit goes to the GoPro camera, really loving that thing.


eebe4 said...

Your journeys have been an inspiration Steve. I watched your Spot locations each evening with interest.
I'm finally taking an overnighter this Sunday. I believe enough of Una's equipment has been worked out now.
Is that an old rangefinder in the last photo? or a new iteration? I collected quite a few several years ago.

Steve said...

Thanks, Eddie. That's a digital look-alike of an old film rangefinder. You can read a post I did about it here..

Enjoy your overnighter, I think the weather should be nice. Send a photo.