Saturday, September 20, 2014

the track, back roads

Today is the first day I have gotten a chance to look at the track from the walkabout, and it makes me smile.  Lots of great memories there.  Just shy of 350 miles (348 to be exact) the starting point was Crisfield and St. Michaels was the most distant point before returning to Crisfield.  

I need to thank Paul of Dawn Patrol fame for his advice on home to manipulate the size and color of the track.  Thanks, Paul!)

One thing I love about John Welsford's Pathfinder design is the ability to sail the back roads, the skinny waters and narrow channels that are not often visited by larger boats.  Above you see our path through Smith Island, coming in from the west to the village of Ewell (where I had a great lunch at Ruke's) and then sailing down a channel past the village of Tylerton and then out the creek to Tangier Sound.  That channel was well marked and used by the locals.  The path below, at Deal island, is not well marked and needs a decent tide to pass through.  For a portion of the creek I had the cb and rudder raised, just barely skimming over the mud bottom.  In both instances, the wind were with me.  Pretty cool.


Unknown said...

What a trip. Lots of free weather to play with, I bet there weren't many dull moments...

Steve said...


it was a great trip. Lots of good sailing, great scenery and I met some nice people along the way.