Sunday, October 19, 2014

a fish by any other name

Bluefish.  I only knew the names tailor blues and choppers.

But reading an nice little article in today's NY Times 
I learned there are several more names.  

Snappers and cocktail blues, harbors, and racers.

Alligator blues, gorillas, monsters and pigs.
(The best are the tailors, in my opinion.)

It's been a while since I've caught one.  
Maybe this spring on the Chesapeake.


Marius said...

Around Cape Town they are called "Elf" and in Durban they are known as "Shad". Good eating!


Steve said...

Thanks for the additional names, Marius. I had no idea that bluefish were found in so many places around the world. I like the tailor blues. The knock on the choppers (i.e. 3 foot-long blues) is that they are oily, but that makes them perfect for smoking. I've got a recipe for smoked bluefish pate that is killer.


Marius said...

I would not mind if you could send me that recipe via email. I often catch them in summer by simply dragging a lure behind the boat whenever I go for a sail.