"When I think of all the fools I've been it's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles." -Guy Clark

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

notes for next time

  • take less dried fruit, and buy better quality
  • make a variety of trail mixes, not just one, and package in smaller portions
  • those very expensive, little, not-so-nice looking, organic dried strawberries are great
  • babybel cheese rounds, sliced with crackers, make a great snack
  • more cups of fruit in syrup

  • like the pasta freeze dried meals best, get lasagna, spaghetti, beef stroganoff
  • mashed potato-based meals are excellent too
  • breakfast meals - eggs, bacon, potatoes - freeze dried make for great breakfasts and great dinner
  • cajun sunshine makes everything taste better
  • always start with a new rite in the rain notebook, they fill up fast
  • buy decent quality pencils, those cheap lottery ones fall apart
  • minimum two good books for evening reads
  • need a new chart book for NC waters, the old one is falling apart

  • buy a new straw hat, $10 at the grocery store
  • buy a waterproof bag, preferably one with a lanyard, for the new iPhone 6
  • spend more time enjoying those little creeks and hidden bays
  • love the GoPro, use it more, keep it set at a frame every two seconds, the battery will last a longtime and the storage card holds 4,000+ images
  • two weeks on the water, which I had worried was a little long, is perfect


MaryLou said...

Sounds like it was a great trip! Really enjoyed the write ups and your photos. Where was the top one in this post taken? You've got just about all the icons in one.

Steve said...

That's at Ewell on Smith Island. The shingle building is Ruke's, the larger building behind that is the visitor's center. See you in a couple of weeks. steve

eebe4 said...

Excellent notes. I've wondered about some of these. I've a trip planned for a couple overnights real soon. Still shaking down the gear (though I imagine that is never ending). Thanks for sharing-

Steve said...

You are right, Eddie, gear changes slightly with every trip.