Monday, October 27, 2014

cruising world

I was very pleased to see this evening that Cruising World used some of my photographs with a story by Webb Chiles.  The piece, in the November 2014 issue, recounts Webb's sail from San Diego to Hawaii aboard his Moore 24 GANNET.  No, I was not there to shoot the photographs on the sail across the Pacific.  I had shot them a few months earlier when we sailed for a couple of hours off the coast of San Diego.

I find I am still amazed to realize how many interesting people I have met the last few years because of Spartina and the internet.  In the mid-1980's I read a review of Webb's book The Open Boat:  Across the Pacific in the old Small Boat Journal.  I ordered the book - which meant at the time that I drove to the mall, placed an order at the book store and waited a week or two for a phone call to tell me the book had arrived - and devoured it and the subsequent book The Ocean Waits.  He was then and is now one of my heroes, both for his sailing and how he chooses to live his life.  

And I find myself shaking my head in wonder when I think of him now as a friend.  It is an interesting world.


Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, Great picture. I'll have to go pick up this issue.

Trying to talk my wife into driving to the Downrigging in Chestertown this weekend. :)

Steve said...

Thanks! Watch the weather, looking a little sketchy Saturday.