Monday, October 6, 2014

a new racing strategy

I think both Kevin and Barry have a new racing strategy: spend a lot of time sailing in front of the photo boat.  How else can you explain Kevin's Navigator "Slip Jig," at left in the photo above, and Barry's Melonseed, below, showing up in so many photographs of the small craft race on the Chesapake Bay Maritime Museum's Facebook page??  

Then again, maybe they just had a couple of the nicer looking boats there.  

It looks like a lot of fun and great weather too.  That's "Slip Jig" in the center of the image below.

And another shot of one of Barry's Melonseeds (he had twins, you know).  Great stuff and I enjoyed looking at the photographs.  I've pencilled in finishing next year's fall cruise at the MASCF.  Where/when I will start the sail is to be determined, but I do intend to finish at St. Michaels and get a little face time in front of the photo boat too.

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