Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas delight, delayed

The sun, after a monsoon-like Christmas Eve and a blustery dark Christmas morning, has just reappeared.  Looking out the window I see only blue skies and am very glad for them.  We celebrated Christmas after a three-mile walk with the oldest daughter while the youngest, still recovering from college life, slept.  

Later in the morning I worked out in the garage removing the deck plates, some bronze fittings and the winch from Spartina's deck.  The deck plates came out easier once I realized leaving the top screwed into the ring made them stronger and as such easier to pry off the deck once loosened by a chisel.  I am ahead of schedule on this project and hope to get more work - mostly sanding and shaping - done this weekend.  Maybe even a little epoxy work if it is warm enough.

Santa, by which I mean my daughters, has figured out the perfect gifts for me: snack food for sailing.  Under the tree this morning for me were packages of crunchy black edamame, almond keenwah clusters (I had the ginger keenwah with me on the fall trip and they were perfect for afternoon snacks), trail mix with raisins, cranberries, peanuts pineapple, papaya, almonds and cashews, Ginger Xtreme candy and sun-dried organic figs.  I would love to enjoy them now, but all will be tucked away with the cruising gear front the spring trip.  Thanks, girls!

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