Thursday, December 4, 2014

sweet dreams

The first piece of my new sleep system, the North Face Aleutian Sleeping Bag, arrived yesterday.  (It arrived very late.  I had noticed on the tracking system it was "out for delivery" at 5 a.m., but did not get dropped off until almost 8 p.m.  The woman who brought it to my door said she had 177 packages to deliver yesterday.  Merry Christmas!)  I was immediately impressed with the sleeping bag - light, compact and well made.  Just what I would expect from North Face.  

I had intended to order a compression sack for the bag, but then realized that the long narrow green storage bag that came with my therma-rest sleeping pad was perfect as a stuff sack.  Above are the two sleeping systems, my old sleeping bag on left and the new one at right.  Half the size and probably a third the weight of the old bag, the long narrow shape of the stuff sac makes it perfect for tucking up under the bungees beneath the foredeck.  The therma-rest pad, deflated, rolls up and fits neatly next to the sleeping bag under the bungees.  There's probably enough room in the green bag for the sleeping bag liner too, which I ordered last night.

Can you tell I'm thinking about next year's trips already??


Baydog said...

Does it ever get cold enough to climb inside a sleeping bag? At most, I see myself bringing a blanket.

Steve said...

I know you are tougher than I am, Dave, but there was the time, late Oct. or early Nov., when I woke with ice on the boom tent. And a couple of early spring and late fall cold fronts that brought temperatures down into the low 40s at night. I like to be warm and comfortable.