Saturday, December 27, 2014

the weight

Work continues under blue skies and a warm south wind today.  More hardware removal, sanding and chipping going on.  I also pulled out the four 15 lb. dumbbells from beneath the bunk flat.  When building Spartina I found that dumbbells were both the cheapest way to purchase ballast and also the easiest form to fasten in place.  With a cleat and a piece of line they are held securely on either side of the centerboard trunk.  Salt water gets down in there now and then and they were starting to rust.  I pulled them out for a good coating of rustoleum, something I should have done in the first place.

Spartina has 60 lbs of lead in the dumbbells, plus 100 lbs in the steel plate centerboard.  I have both heard and read that this is too much weight.  Possibly it is just for day sailing in comfortable weather, but on a cruise when a broader range of wind and weather is the case, I'm happy to have the additional stability.  

Chance of rain tomorrow in the afternoon, but it is of no concern as I can work in the garage (though I do prefer working outside on sunny days like today).  Temperature is the main concern for tomorrow's epoxy work.  It should be in the mid-50's from mid-morning on.  Perfect!


Curt said...

I'm with you on the extra ballast. It is well worth the weight when needed. Good luck on the epoxy tomorrow.

Mike said...

I've never seen dumbbells like that made of lead... perhaps the rust may be a clue as to their material!

Steve said...

You are absolutely right. Thanks for the metallurgical insight. I will adjust the post to reflect the realities of the periodic table. Thanks! steve