Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas eve

"Evening came, and we went ashore for our usual plate of fried oysters.  The boys are out with tin pans and horns making the noise of a southern Christmas.  H. and I both a bit homesick and lonesy.  It is my first Xmas away from home in twenty-four years.  I am sure a devil of a way off.  We have each bought things for the other's stocking and will live up to traditions if we sink her.  Beautiful night and just our chance to be away with light northerly.  In two days when we are ready wind will probably haul to southard again.  Don't it beat all?"

Written from the catboat "Mascot" beached for repairs near Southport, NC on December 14, 1912, as told in The Boy, Me and The Cat by Henry H. Plummer

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