Monday, December 8, 2014

the load out

Dock lines, spring lines, fender, life jackets (six), anchor, spare anchor, flares, fire extinguisher, vhf radio, spare weather radio.

It's amazing how much gear was tucked away on Spartina.  I spent the afternoon pulling all the gear, piece by piece, out of Spartina.  It was bungeed in place underneath the foredeck, under the bunk flats, beneath the thwarts, in the water tight storage areas below the aft cockpit seats and inside the day storage area near the transom on the starboard side.

Air horn, knife, tool kit, spare lines, reef lines, oar, foul weather gear, gas can and extra hat.

GPS, spare GPS, sun block, towels, spare spark plugs, emergency strobe, am/fm radio, emergency throw rope, flotation cushions, a little bit of seine line that comes in useful now and then.

It all had to come out as I get ready to sand down and repaint the cockpit interior.  Sanding will happen this month, painting not until warmer weather in March.  For now all the gear is cleaned, organized and bagged in the big closet in the room over the garage.

As I took out the gear I wondered if I really needed it all.  Some, like the safety gear, is required.  I think most of it I use at some point or another.  Some, while needed for cruising, is on board even for day sails.  I suspect, though, that I can sort out the gear and leave some behind.  This will be a good chance for some house cleaning.

The day was as grey as Spartina's interior.  Cold, windy and rainy outside.  How much longer until spring?


eebe4 said...

It is amazing how much we can stuff these boats with. One day I may weigh it all out of curiosity.
I was surprised to see the "navy" anchor. Looks like a good chunk of metal. I'm biased toward a 11# claw and 10' of chain for now. So, what is the small mushroom for? lunch hook?
Appreciate the post. Spring is coming ... one day.

Steve said...

For a lunch hook I use the 10# navy style anchor with five feet of chain. At night I add the 5# mushroom anchor at the top of the chain as a sentinel. Works well. I've only dragged anchor once - in 50 mph wind when anchored on a silt bottom near Chestertown. Otherwise it has worked fine. steve