Friday, March 19, 2010

oh buoy!!!!

Wow, what a day on the water. Today was the perfect way to start the sailing season. Not a cloud in the sky, wind anywhere for 5 to 12 mph and 70 degrees. The photo below is from when the wind kicked up a bit, I was heeled over with the rail in the water. Just a great ride.

I had a lot of fun and realized just how much I enjoyed all aspect of sailing. Checking over the gear, hooking up the trailer at the house, putting the masts in place and rigging the sails - every minute was fun. I launch at a ramp behind our local triple A baseball park. It was really nice to work in the parking lot, going over the lines, checking knots, getting everything just right while tugs worked on the river and seagulls squawked and squealed above. Very peaceful and relaxing. I'll launch from there probably a couple of dozen times this year and I know each time will be a treat.

I put the new compass in place with tape just to see how it fit. It will take some adjustment - this compass has compensation screws to deal with nearby metal and on my boat there is 100 pounds of steel just a few feet away. I may wait until Bruce is here to install it and get it adjusted just right. The adjustment involves sailing on a specific course while tweaking a couple of tiny screws. I will definitely need help. But it is good to know that the compass will fit just right on the centerboard trunk.

I also fooled around with the self-timer on my waterproof point and shoot. I doubt that Bruce will be here for my Spring long-weekend walkabout down near Swan Quarter. I'll have to shoot all the photos myself. I doubt that I can match what Bruce and I do together when he brings his nice camera and one of us sails while the other shoots photographs. But I'll do my best. Below is a self portrait under sail.

And this is a very nice Cape Dory Typhoon Senior that sailed by in the afternoon. I haven't seen this boat on the water before. These haven't been built since the late 1980's, but this one - called Pandora I think - was in mint condition. I hope to see her again on the water.

And there is the "buoy" from the title of this post. That is a new "no wake" marker out on the Elizabeth River right where the river splits in to the eastern and southern branches. There are a few other now wake buoys out there, but one more might help remind the folks with the big power boats that they don't need to use all 250 horsepower at once.

This is a great way to start out the season. To my friends up north - Kevin, Tom and Perry (and Bursledon Blogger in the UK too) - hang on! Spring is on the way.



DancesWithSandyBottom said...


Do you think a remote control would be useful? The Pentax Optio W90 to be distributed in April has an optional wireless remote control. I hope photo quality is at least as good as the W60's (and a lot better than the W80). 'Tis a possibility for the wish list.


Steve said...

Yes, a wireless control would be great. I can see lots of uses for that -- mounting up on the mast, out on the end of the boom. My camera is the old option 20 and seems to work fine. It will be a while before I can justify a new camera.
Hope you have some good weather for working on Dawn Patrol.


Kevin B said...

Slip Jig is still nestled in the garage, but it won't be long. I did manage to get a sail in down on the gulf coast of FL. A friend let me take his fiberglass beetlecat out for an afternoon. Just grand!

Perry Burton said...

Aw MAN! sailing already, I'm so jealous. The weather looked perfect.
I'm in modification mode myself, hope to hit the water in a month.

Wind at your back Steve and Bruce.


S R Wood said...

Thanks for this, Steve. Very inspiring!


Steve said...

good to hear from you. How is the Pathfinder coming along?