Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dueling forecasts

I'm getting two different forecast right now, not unexpected three days out.  WeatherUnderground shows six to seven mph of winds out of the north with a good chance of thunderstorms.  SailFlow, below, shows winds up to 13 mph out of the south with cloud cover but no rain.

The weather will be what it will be, but I like the Sailflow outlook on things.  As Bruce has said on a couple of occasions, "We're going anyway."

I packed the clothes this morning, bought my Virginia saltwater fishing license on-line (it works for both Virginia and Maryland waters), pulled a couple of items that I won't need - spaghetti and an extra pouch of instant mashed potatoes - from the food jars and also found my wasabi seaweed snacks which I had lost somewhere in the pile of equipment. 

I'll start moving the gear to the garage tomorrow.


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