Monday, September 5, 2011

good sailing, bad video

I shot a little video while sailing yesterday.  It was the first time I shot video with the Pentax Optio W90.  It will be the last time.  The quality of the video is very poor and there is no excuse for that when shooting in bright sunshine.  But the poor quality video will give you and idea of how good the sailing was on the Elizabeth River.


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Bill said...

Good enough video. Looks like you were really cookin'.

I spent yesterday up in Deltaville, VA, working on my boat. It did look to be a fantastic sailing day out there. Later in the day, it was really blowing pretty good, and I could see whitecaps coming into the mouth of the Piankatank.

Sadly, my boat is still on the hard - but getting much closer to being ready to be splashed once again.