Thursday, September 22, 2011

SPOT tracking page

Here is my SPOT tracking page.

Or you can paste .....

..............into your browser.  It should go live late Saturday morning.  I'll send an ok message when I begin each day's sail, and send a second ok message when I drop the anchor in the evening.

Long day of work today, long day of work tomorrow.  Then I'll load up the jeep, try to get a good night's sleep.  Breakfast at Stingray's (Chez Exxon) on the way to Crisfield Saturday morning.

Best wishes to my friends Paul, Dawn, Alan and Kristen for the NCC watertribe event.  Check it out here if you have a chance.



Bill said...

Hope you have a great strip and stay safe! Try not to get too wet. Looks like it's going to be a damp few days. Looking forward to your pics and report...

Shawn Stanley said...

Have a great trip. You are braver than I am. Well, braver than my wife anyway..she's thinking about backing out of our weekend excursion to Patuxent River's Island Creek on our Catalina 30 due to the forecast. So, that means I just get to work on some boat projects at the dock instead..for me, that is almost as much fun!

-Shawn from Solomons, MD

SandyBottom said...

Have a wonderful trip, your's sounds more fun and relaxing to me. Can't wait to read all about it.

Steve said...

Thanks, guys.
I'm very excited about the trip. Should be fun, relaxing. And yes, a little wet the first couple of days.
Dawn, have a great race.
Back in a while.


Bill said...

Watching the SPOT page. Pretty neat stuff. I can see that right now, as I am sitting at my boring desk in my boring office building in the heart of downtown Richmond, you are just northwest of the tip of the Martin National Wildlife Refuge. I'm trying to envision what it must be like out there.