Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weather, the first look

Curiosity got the best of me and I peeked at the forecast weather fronts.  Five days our the forecasts are less than realiable, but it gives me something to think about.  I can't even begin to hope for the weather like I had last fall on the Bay Days sail - sunny, breezy and not a drop of rain.  That won't happen again.


Above is the forecast for the day I should be launching out of Crisfield.  A little low pressure system should be over the lower part of the bay.  Chance of rain, anywhere for 10 to 40%.  No big deal.  Thank another small low pressure area could move over the mid-Atlantic a day or two later.

By early next week a series of high pressure system will be moving across the country.  The first couple of days the trip might be a bit bumpy, a little wet.  But after that I'm hoping for some nice weather.


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Anonymous said...

Steve, good posts, I love the way you systematically plan and prepare for your cruises. thanks for the email the other week - hope you got my reply

good luck with the fall trip - looking ofrward to hearing and seeing how it went
have fun

arwen's meanderings