Friday, September 23, 2011

A preview?????

Storm rolling over the bay this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

It can only get better, Steve. Hang in there.

Heading to Cape Lookout on Saturday with 60 "Pirates" of NC Sail.

Maybe we'll get a glimpse at the folks from the NC Challenge zipping past us

We're waiting with baited breath for your next post.

Buck Buchanan, Precision 18, "Alert"

Anonymous said...

Open boats are great when the weather is not too bad. When it's real bad, things can get ugly (as you know!).
This summer I weathered an AWFUL storm in Chincoteague Bay. I was very thankful to have my old O'Day Mariner with its' enclosed "pup tent" size cabin. The wind blew and the marsh grasses flew, but my gear and I stayed DRY!
Mariners have very large cockpits so I always have the option of sleeping outside as well.
The sun is supposed to shine in a few more days. Grin and bear it!

Good Luck!

Steve Hock, O'Day Mariner, "Whitecap"