Friday, September 30, 2011

the wet and windless 162

The title of this post, the name that I will remember it by, says it all.  It was a good trip, certainly different from our other trips.  Much less wind, much more rain.  Moisture might be a better word than rain.  Moisture in the form of fog, light misting, steady drizzles, and heavy downpours.  Blue skies made one appearance in the first four days.  

It was not the weather that I had expected, it was not the kind of sailing I had been dreaming about.  But it was the break I needed, the chance to get away from it all and experience something different.  As I drove home today I found myself wishing I was still out on the water. 

I'll try to post a few photographs this evening, or certainly by tomorrow.  Bad weather, as photographers sometimes say, can make for nice photographs.  We'll see.  And I hope to start the daily log by early this coming week.



Shawn Stanley said...

Hi Steve, I was 'worried' about your trip with the terrible weather we've had here & often thought about how you were fairing as I sat in my office with rain what seemed like for days on end. We went out this weekend, but I have a 30' boat with a good sized cabin to escape the elements if needed & we didn't go very far. It was still unpleasant, even in a larger boat.

Glad you still enjoyed your time and made it back safely. I am waiting impatiently for your daily log, since my boat has too much draft and can't get to most of the places you visited!


Steve said...

I appreciate the "worrying." I was a bit worried at times too. The success was that I somehow stayed dry in the drizzle, fog and torrential downpours.
I hope to start the log tonight.