Wednesday, September 21, 2011

which ever way the wind blows

This coming trip will be a walkabout style trip.  An easy, relaxed exploration with no specific goals.  I've got a rough idea of wanting to head north the first few days.  Maybe explore Deal Island, Fishing Bay and possibly visit the little town of Bivalve.  Then head south, passing by Holland Island or maybe South Marsh Island, stopping at either Tangier or Smith Island for a crab cake sandwich, then continuing south to Pocomoke Sound, Watts Island or Great Fox Island and maybe Saxis.  Then back north, possibly anchoring in Cod Harbor on Tangier Island, and maybe another crab cake sandwich for lunch, before heading back into Crisfield.  

The only specifics in the plan I have is to launch out of Crisfield, then eight days later return to Crisfield.  What happens in between?  Wind and whim will decide that.

The nature of the area - countless coves, marshes and protected anchorages - lets me be a little loose with the planning.  If I want to head north the first day, I will have plenty of options.  Above I've marked out just a few of possible routes and anchorages for day one.  I've visited some of those places, others I have not.  For each possible anchorage I've marked, there are a dozen more.  Finding a place to anchor, protected from the wind and surrounded by a beautiful marsh, will not be a problem.

I'll start thinking about where to go that first night as I rig Spartina in Crisfield.  The weather radio will be on and the wind forecast will give me some ideas.  But I probably won't make a final decision until I'm out on Tangier Sound.  Then I will go with whatever feels right.


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