Monday, September 19, 2011

packing up

Today is my day to start packing, sort things out and do some shopping for my on Tangier and Pocomoke Sounds.  I bagged up the dried kiwi and papaya, mixed and measured the wasabi edamame and mixed nuts.  Each snack measures roughly 3/4 cups, there are seven bags of each.

I put the canned lunches, dinner supplies and cups of fruit in the gallon jars.  I had at one time labelled the jars on the sides and also on the top so that I would know the contents.  And then I realized the jars were clear and I could see inside, no need for any labels.  Simpler is better.

I field stripped the MSR cookware set that Bruce bought for the boat a couple of years ago.  It is designed for two people, perfect when we are both on the boat, perfect for the feasts that Bruce likes to prepare and I like to eat.  But I'm solo and need just one set.  I'll leave behind a set of silver ware, the extra pot and an additional pan.  My cooking is very simple, I just need a pot and the stove's griddle.  The system is light to start with, now it is lighter.  Plus there fewer cookware items to keep track of, to use, to wash.  Simpler is better.  Have I said that before?

I set up the camp stove and lit up the burners.  The camp stove, which has a burner for a stove and a burner for a griddle, worked fine but I realized that I needed to buy a set of propane canisters.  I've added propane to my shopping list that includes peanut butter crackers, rubber gloves (that I use for cleaning fish, which I hope happens often, and working on the outboard, which I hope never happens), gas for the outboard, spark plugs and and a spare lighter for the stove.  The list will grow as I sort through the gear.

The sleeping gear was brought out of the spare closet upstairs and I felt I tug of regret as I pulled out just my set and left Bruce's gear behind.  I'll miss his company.

There is still a lot to do.  Packing, shopping, checking gear, researching my new sailing grounds, rearranging the boat for cruising as opposed to daysailing.  At some point I should check the weather.  But that will have to wait for a couple of days.


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