Monday, September 19, 2011

progress, a shopping list

I got a fair amount of work done today.  Food is tucked away in storage bottles, sleep gear has been stuff into stuff sacs, extraneous gear has been removed from the light and cooking kits, two gallons of fuel was put into the gas tank along with the two-stroke oil and fuel stabilizer and I added new batteries into the lights, flashlights, gps and spot.  I still need to add a few more waypoints to the gps, I'll do that tonight.

The shopping list is less than I expected.  Crackers, rubber gloves, propane for the stove and the lighter.  While checking out the gear I found that my spare anchor light, a colemen camp lantern, no longer works.  It looks like some salt water got in there.  This surprises me because I have used this backup light very rarely, it stays in the light kit which has always stayed dry.  The one that I use every night, the one that has been through many rain storms, works just fine.  Go figure.  I'll pick up a new one for less than $10, along with the items mentioned above, at my local expedition supplier - Walmart.

Tomorrow before work I'll do the shopping.  Wednesday I'll spread out the gear and do junk on the bunk. Friday morning I'll pick up the fresh food - potatoes, onions, garlic and peppers.


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Anonymous said...

I see the United States Coast Guard Barque EAGLE will be on the Chesapeake next week. You might get some great pictures of it if you are in the right spot.