Friday, November 25, 2011

Bermuda of the South

We saw a reproduction of an old advertising poster in a shop yesterday. The poster identified Ocracoke as "The Bermuda of the South". It listed options for getting to the island from the mainland in only a day, with all day fishing, a stay at the brand new inn and meals for about $16.00. The reproduction of the poster was priced at $20.00.

The pier to the left is where I would have tied up Spartina had I brought her. On the far side of Silver Lake, which is known to the locals as "the ditch", a ferry is leaving the docks bound for either Swan Quarter or Cedar Island. The large white building is the old Coast Guard Station, now rebuilt as being used for educational programs. To the right is a small cluster of buildings along the edge of the harbor - hotels, shps and the community store.

The wind forecast was correct, high winds yesterday and the day before. I would not have sailed. We made do with long, pleasant walks, a visit to Ocracoke Coffee Company in the morning, a glass of wine on the porch of Zillie's Island Pantry in the afternoon and, of course, a nice turkey dinner in the evening.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.



John Edward Harris said...

At what shop did you see that vintage poster?

Steve said...

Zillie's. A nice shop and a great place to have a beer on the porch in the afternoon. Steve