Monday, November 14, 2011


I visited the observation deck of the cruise terminal that overlooks the Elizabeth River and Crawford Bay today.  It is one of my favorite places.  I have shot and shown photographs from there before.  This time I looked away from the river, photographing only reflections in the plate glass windows.

A man that I once worked for told me to try different things.  Don't be afraid, he said, take a chance.  Go out there and fail.  I wish I had understood him better.

Eventually I was no longer alone on the patio.  Someone else came up to enjoy the view.  Now I know what I look like when I am up there dreaming.



Bill said...

"Go out there and fail." Some of the best words of advice anyone could heed. Easy to say; not too hard to understand; much more difficult to truly internalize, buy into and actually act upon. The world can be a scary place.

But that definitely is the way to go into it. Now I just need to talk myself into doing so.

Steve said...


It was good advice. Just wish it hadn't taken me 20 years to begin to understand it.