Monday, November 7, 2011

one or maybe two sails left

I got out for a beautiful day sail yesterday.  Wind out of the ENE at 8 or 10 knots, light cloud cover in the morning as I launched.  I put in a little later than usual, waiting to make sure the weather would be comfortable (I've had enough of cold weather on the water lately).  The snow bird fleet that anchors in Crawford Bay, about a dozen or more cruisers anchor there each night this time of year, had already hauled anchor and continued on their way by the time I got out on the water. 

There was as steady stream of boats coming down Town Point Reach of the Elizabeth River on their way south.  Many of them had sails flying, which is unusual.  Typically the cruisers are under power on this stretch of the river.  But with the winds coming across the river it was perfect for having at least some canvas raised.  At one point I counted six sets of sails coming down the Elizabeth, mixed in with the power boats and the usual barge/tug traffic.

I was looking around at Spartina and noticed some wear and tear.  I've got some off-season maintenance ahead of me.  Mostly sanding and painting, but I've also got some changes I would like to make to the hull.  I'll explain those later.
I've also wondered what sort of maintenance I should be doing on the sails.  The tell tales are either frayed or gone.  There are a couple of stitches that have come undone in the seams.  They have had a lot of use over the last six years.  I bought them for a sail loft in Maine, but I suppose a local sailmaker could do a little work on them.

By the end of the sail we had brilliant blue skies.  It was a great afternoon.  I'll keep Spartina in sailing order for another week or two.  And if the weather favors us we'll get another sail or two in before the season ends (and the work begins).


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