Thursday, August 30, 2012

a three day pass

I received our three day ramp pass from Kent County in the mail today.  Having the pass in hand makes the trip seem very close.  It is close - just a little over three weeks until we launch out of Rock Hall.

I've picked up a few more items at the store.  Dried fruits, mixed nuts and almonds, cheese crackers and instant mashed potatoes.  We are set on AA batteries, but I need to check on the lithiums.  A fresh bottle of propane needs to be bought.  Fresh food will wait until a few days before the trip begins, but I should rough out a menu in consultation with Bruce (the chef).  I also need to check on the rental cars to see if we can get picked up at Chincoteague or Wachapreague.  Tides for all the inlets have been printed out, but I have not examined them closely.

The more I look at the charts for the first day's sail, the more I think we hit the road to Rock Hall at 4:30 a.m.  Whaddya say Bruce?

I hope to get out for a sail on Saturday, the forecast looks good right now.  Then I've got five or six days out of town for work.  When I get back I'll have two weeks to get our act together.



Baydog said...

I love the smell of mashed potatoes and lithium in the morning......

Steve said...


I was just checking out the menu of the Taproom Crabhouse in Chesapeake City. $8.95 for 2 doz steamed mussels. That seems like a decent price. Or am I wrong?
We'll discuss prices/demand for scrapple at a later time.