Saturday, August 18, 2012

the three C's

Crabs, No. 1 Jimmies from Wicker's Crab Pot Seafood, an old family joint that has nothing but the best.  When they say the crabs are No. 1, meaning the largest size, they are not kidding.

Clams, one hundred littleneck clams from Uncle Chuck's Seafood, harvested late this week at Cherrystone Aqua-Farms on the Eastern Shore.

Corn, locally grown silver queen.

Toss into a steam pot with Old Bay spice, beer, garlic, lemons and whatever else I find around the kitchen.  Melted butter with lemon juice for dipping clams, crab meat or french bread.  Choice of cold beer or wine to wash it down.  Dinner's at 6:00.



Bill said...

I just had a frozen pizza. Yer killin' me here.

Steve said...


I would tell you about dinner, but you don't even want to know. Oops, gotta go. Blueberry pie from Bergey's Dairy.....


Baydog said...

I know you're doing this to get my goat, aren't you? At least I'm not eating frozen pizza!

Baydog said...

And at Wicker's, you can get three dozen oysters for $24. Around these parts, you'll pay $18-20 for 6.

JimB said...

Four of the things I like most about living in this area and they're all in one meal. Wow. Did you leave out the Bergy's ice cream on the pie to spare us from a seizure?

By the way, did you ever have Chess (sp?) beer? I think it was a local brewery. I had one at a local business opening many years ago. I then had nightmares of dying of thirst hovering over a cold glass of it which I could not reach for the rest of the night.

Steve said...

I thought you were going to be here, then I remembered there was a Giant's game.

I forgot to shoot a photo of the pie, and the pie wasn't around that long. Haven't had Chess Beer, but I am enjoying Green Can, another local beer.


Baydog said...

It was an 'away' game at home (Met Life Stadium), so we didn't get tickets and I had to work anyway!