Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I made some screen shots today of the inlets that we could possibly go in through or come out of on the fall trip.  I'll make prints of these and put them together with the tide predictions for the corresponding inlets.  

Cape May

Making screen shots like this is something I did a lot for the first few cruises on Spartina.  They helped me translate the nautical charts and better understand what I was seeing from my vantage point a couple of feet above the water's surface.

 Roosevelt Inlet, Lewes, Delaware

I haven't make prints for the last few years.  But with these inlets and ocean tides I thought it might be nice to have a good visual representation on board.

Indian River Inlet 

As for my other jobs, I've printed out the tide charts but have not had the time to look at them closely.  I've also started buying food supplies - a 12-pack of fruit cups, tinned oysters and chicken salad/cracker lunches.

Ocean City, Md 

Finding a hotel for a break half-way through the trip has been a challenge.  Typically where we sail the harbor is the center piece of the town.  In places like Oriental, Beaufort, New Bern and Tilghman Island there are hotels within easy walking distance of the waterfront.  In this case the towns we'll be passing through - Cape May, Lewes and Ocean City - are beach resorts with the hotels located near the beach, not near the docks.  In Cape May, for example, the nearest hotel is a mile away from the marina.  We'll have to research the options a little more.  A break - a nice hotel with showers and washing machines to clean the clothes - would be nice.

Chincoteague Inlet

Getting ready for the trip is half the fun.



Bill said...

Not a whole lot happenin' at Chincoteague, it looks like.

Steve said...

That is the way we like it. Wish they were all like that.