Tuesday, August 28, 2012

river of grass

Back out on the Lynnhaven River again today.  The same river I visited with Paul, Ruth and Chris the other day.  This time I was with another friend, also named Paul.  We motored around a bit in his dingy, then hitched a ride with a waterman for a different look at the river.  

There were cast netters in search of bait, oyster farmers sorting the harvest.  Birds feeding, crabs crawling about and even a sea turtle sighting or two.

All of it surrounded by lush green grass known to scientists as Spartina alterniflora.  Nice name, don't you think.  The grass was so thick at times we got lost once or twice in the dinghy, but if you are going to be lost you want it to be in a beautiful place like this.

It was a nice day on the water.  Better than working for a living.


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