Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ramps, restaurants, crackers and fruit cups

I've loaded up on fruit cups and cheese crackers on my last two visits to the expedition store - Wal-Mart.  We've got eight gallons of water in the nice round bottles that fit perfectly under the bunkflat on Sparina.  There are plenty of chicken salad lunches and tinned oysters in the food bins.  Batteries, propane and dinner foods are next on the list.

Searching back through the emails I found a note from our friend (and source of all knowledge on the upper Eastern Shore) Mary Lou about boat ramps at Rock Hall.  Several counties, including Kent County where Rock Hall is located, require permits to use their ramps.  Mary Lou sent links with information about their boat ramps.  I am hoping we can get a three day pass for $25, but I'll have to check to see if that is available for non-residents.  If not, we'll have to get annual non-resident pass for $60.  I've sent an email to the county for clarification.  In any case we'll probably use the Green Lane boat map right on the harbor at Rock Hall.  Mary Lou and Fred, who have helped us out on a few of our trips, have offered to let us leave the jeep/trailer at their house while we are out on the trip.  Thanks, guys.

Mary Lou also mentioned a couple of possible stopping places on the C and D canal.  We had planned to spend the second night at Herring Creek just outside the canal, transiting the canal the next day.  Mary Lou pointed out there was an anchorage at the Engineer's Basin in Chesapeake City and also transient docks at the Summit North Marina.  Below is a photo from the marina's website.

And below is a screen shot from Chesapeake City's website.  I've got to say that from their web page it looks like it would be a nice little town to visit for an afternoon.  And there appears to be a very nice restaurant called the Chesapeake Inn right on the basin.  Yes, Chesapeake City is looking better and better by the minute.

I'll have to look at tides and distances, but maybe we do part of the canal on day two, then finish the canal and get a early start down Delaware Bay on day three.  Bruce and I will talk about this, and the rest of the trip, during a skype session later this week.

Thanks, Mary Lou, for the information.  We are looking forward to seeing you and Fred.


ps - just found this photo below on the Chesapeake City website, a very nice picture made by Kevin Quinlan.  I could easily see Spartina anchored out there in the harbor....


Baydog said...

Steve, my wife and I stayed in the inn pictured in the left foreground of the last photo.

Baydog said...

The Ship Watch Inn

Steve said...

That does look like a nice spot. Did you eat at Chesapeake Inn? Any advice on restaurants up there??


Baydog said...

We were there only one night, and ate at the Bayard House. It was okay.

Steve said...

"Okay" being all I need to know. If we get there, and that is uncertain, we will probably try the Chesapeake Inn.
thanks for the info.


Bill said...

No marinated herring in sour cream? They're great on Ritz crackers and washed down with a beer. It's almost a nightly ritual for me here at home. My wife thinks they're revolting, which makes it just that much more fun.

Unknown said...

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