Friday, August 3, 2012

ships, tall and not so tall

My friend Jim sent this photograph from the Schooner Virginia's facebook page.  After you are done looking at the tall ships take another look down low, left of center, and you will see Spartina.  This was taken during the departure parade of the OpSail ships.  We were out there sailing with friend Barry and my youngest daughter on board.

I know Spartina is a small boat, but she seems even smaller around tall ships.  The same thing happen last year at the Downrigging Weekend in Chesterton, which you can see here.  Yes, she looks small.  But I can't tell you how much fun I have sailing around the tall ships.

Thanks for the photo, Jim.



Bill said...

Will you be going to the Sultana Downrigging again this fall? I'm hoping (a) to make it back up there and (b) the weather will be a bit more friendly this time.

Steve said...


can't make it this year, got a college graduation to take care of in December that is taking up my time. But hopefully next year.


Anonymous said...

and interestingly you're the only one under sail :)

Steve said...


look a little closer. The tall ships have some sail up, just not very much. That morning they didn't need much sail to get down the river, it was pretty breezy.