Sunday, October 28, 2012


Buxton.  That is the ocean water running across NC 12 this morning at high tide.  The ferry heading south shut down yesterday, the road north to the bridge was closed down at 2 a.m.  We are not going anywhere for a while.

Very windy, not as much rain as I expected.  An unusual storm as the island in places is getting both ocean side and sound side flooding.  Usually it is one or the other, no one I have talked to can remember having both at the same time.



Baydog said...

Was this a planned vacation, or are you thrill-seeking?

MaryLou said...

My guess is "on assignment" as that photo is alod on the home page of

MaryLou said...

I should have added: Stay safe Steve. We are battened down here.

Steve said...

If you aren't thrill-seeking, then what are you doing??

Safe and dry and tucked in a hotel for the evening.

You guys stay safe too.